Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier is the top tourist destination in town. The first version of the pier was built in 1888 and located a few blocks to the south of its current location at the south end of the strand at Wisconsin Avenue. That first pier only lasted two years before being destroyed by storms.

Melchoir Pieper, a local hotelier, saw an opportunity and led the campaign to rebuild the pier at its current location. This spot on what is now Pier View Way was close to his South Pacific Hotel.

Over the years, the pier was destroyed an additional 4 times and rebuilt. The current wooden pier has been standing since 1987 and was built for a cost of $5 Million. The pier stretches out into the Pacific Ocean 1954 feet.

At the east end of the pier on the strand level there are places to rent bikes, and grab a bite to eat. On the weekends there are several pop up food vendors and the tin fish is a permanent fixture offering seafood and other all american food.

Roughly a third of the way down the pier there is a lifeguard tower and a small bait and tackle store providing the essentials for the many fisherman that frequent the pier. We’ve seen a variety of game caught off the pier ranging from small bait fish, to skates, to 7 foot sharks. Most of the fisherman hang out at the end of the pier to the South and West sides. There will be someone out there from the first crack of dawn to late at night.

There is a Ruby’s diner located at the end of the pier as well. Ruby’s is a retro 50’s styled diner serving classic diner fare. It’s a unique spot but the food is nothing to write home about. There are rumours that a renovation is in store with a tiki bar will be installed to help freshen the place up.

Just after sunset the lights on the pier will turn on making it a magical place walk at night or take a date. Especially on a night with a full moon.

Both the north and south sides of the pier attracts many surfers and the pier is a great vantage point to watch them especially on days with heavy surf. You will see the occasional paddle boarder or jet ski out there as well. Many of the pleasure craft and sail boats leaving the harbor take a spin past the pier on a calm day.

It almost goes without saying that the pier is a great spot to watch the sunset. You get unobstructed views of the sun dipping into the ocean at the end of the day. Oceanside has so much to see and do and we absolutely love living here. Next time you are in town be sure to visit Oceanside Pier.

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