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Bob and Carly Scott

What our clients are saying...

"I have done multiple investment property deals with Bob. Super sharp — from property valuations to closing finances, very knowledgeable across the board. All properties are cash flow positive and are appreciating! Will continue to use Bob for investment and general real estate properties for the  foreseeable future."

- Dale Kasel 

Bob Scott and I are not of an age to have experienced the challenges and hardships brought on by the “Great Depression”. However, we both are of an age to meet at a real estate association meeting during the most recent economic recession and the collapse of major financial and banking institutions  along with the housing market. An interesting time to start a business in real estate, wouldn’t you agree? But that’s exactly what Bob Scott did. He recognized an immediate challenge to people’s lives, not only from an income standpoint, but from an inability to qualify for home loans with banks and other lending institutions. Even if people were employed, potential buyers were rejected because of subpar credit scores. Bob’s research revealed that a sizeable percentage of people could make month to month house payments, because they were still working. But without a loan for a down payment, quality affordable housing was unobtainable. This was the point in time in which I, a senior citizen, witnessed the qualities that this young man, Bob Scott possesses. He is a young man with a vision and an aptitude for recognizing opportunities. He demonstrates this over and over within the residential housing and commercial real estate markets. In this scenario, Bob recognized an opportunity to take his vision to another level. He implemented his plan and created a winning situation for his clients and himself and never looked back. To this day, Bob continues to touch people’s lives, based on their objectives with real estate. If you are entering the real estate market as a buyer or seller, and you are looking for an agent who fits your needs, I could not recommend anyone more qualified or dedicated in the field of real estate than Bob Scott. Give Bob a call today. Set an appointment to meet him in person; and when you meet Bob, tell him Fred says, “You are the best!”

- Fred Kuelker

I know Bob from my time with him as a classmate at the Air Force Academy and from his time as a real estate investment professional. My wife, a realtor, and I invested with Bob and he earned us an above-market return while maintaining flexibility and safe-guarding our principal investment. He is an  honest guy and I highly recommend him.  

- Justin Pavoni